Wanted: One Indian Summer

Just when I had finally accepted that summer was actually over and psychologically prepared myself to welcome back knits and furs and boots into my life, I saw these photos by Neil Krug...

These stylish and dreamy photos are taken from PULP, a book born from a collaboration between Neil Krug and supermodel Joni Harbeck. The fantasist at the heart of me immediately fell in love with the fierce spirit and romance of these images - they encapsulate the grainy film stills of cult Pulp movies so perfectly. The fantasist at the heart of me also fell in love with the styling of Joni Harbeck... Native American accessories, check. Feathers galore, check. Tribal face paints, check.

I am now left longing for hot dusty sunsets, where the sun is bronzed and low in the sky before the bite of the night air has yet to emerge. Mainly so I can indulge my sartorial urges and wear feathers with oversized tee shirts and bare legs...

But alas, the reality is that it is November and I find myself in E8. I am simply going to have to wait for at least 6 months to sate these particular sartorial whims. Having looked through various S/S 10 show photos I also noted that the Inter-Continental Tribal trend of S/S 09 has migrated 5 degrees north/south of the Equator, taking Tribal and making it more specifically Tropical.

Which brings me to BrokenFab who's beautifully hand-beaded jewellery have been on my internet wish-list for an age. BrokenFab are based in East London and also specialise in textile design in addition to beadwork. The latest collection is named Disco Beads Vol. 1... so think Tribal inspired designs in modern colour palettes meets a dancefloor in Hackney. Perfect for wearing in a high-impact style - layer up several pieces at once over a bright canvas of jumpsuits or draped jerseys... and see you on the dancefloor!

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